What is included in the price?

The rental price includes free use of the holiday home and sauna.

The holiday homes are furnished as normal and have basic utensils for eating and cooking.

Firewood is also included in the rental price, but if you rent a firewood cart, firewood for the fireplace can be purchased at an additional cost of 15 EUR/day.

What to bring?

The accommodations have pillows, blankets and mattresses, you will need to bring your own pillowcases, sheets and sauna towels if they are not included in the accommodation price.Linen and towels can also be rented from LaatuLomat for 14 EUR/person.

The accommodation price includes a starter pack of the following items: pump soap, detergents, cleaning cloths, filter bags, matches, toilet and kitchen paper, baking paper.

Basic condiments, coffee, etc. are not included in the rental price, but if you have them you are free to use them.

Final cleaning

Final cleaning is included in the rental price. Please note, however, that the accommodation must be left in a state of normal occupancy.

Please leave the cottage with the fridge emptied, the dishes washed, the rubbish taken to the outdoor bins and the furniture in its place.

Also remember to take your own belongings and leave your holiday home belongings in their place.

Number of persons

The maximum number of persons who may use the accommodation is the number of beds indicated in the description of the accommodation or agreed when the holiday is booked. For example, if the description says 4+4 persons, the cottage has four beds and four extra beds (e.g. a sofa bed or a mattress or a bed in a loft).We recommend this type of cottage for a maximum of four adults.

If you want to bring a tent or a camper van, you have to arrange this in advance.


Smoking is allowed ONLY outdoors. Please remember to use an ashtray.


We usually charge a pet fee of 120-180 euros depending on the size of the villa.For summer cottages, apartments and Villa Taikinajoki, pets are welcome at no extra charge.

Please remember that the pet owner is liable for compensation if the pet breaks anything in the cottage.Please inform the owners immediately.

Even if the pet fee has been paid, the cottage must be left in a state of normal habitation and the outside areas must be cleaned up of pet waste.

Please keep pets on the 1st floor and away from beds and sofas.

Electric car charging

The electrical system in our accommodation is not designed for charging electric cars, the use of power sockets for car charging is strictly forbidden.

If you need to charge your car so that you can reach the charging station, you can use the socket outside.

To avoid any damage, always contact the owner before you consider charging your car!

Other general instructions

Please also ensure that the rowing boat is secured in its designated place whenever you are not using it.

Always take care with open fires.

If you burn candles, outdoor fires or mosquito nets, do so on a non-combustible surface.

There is a waste sorting system in the accommodation and, especially in summer, organic waste should be put in the composter.

If anything breaks in the chalet, please inform the owners immediately.


You will receive your keys at the key box next to the front door, where you will receive a code approximately 1 day before the start of your stay.

When you leave, you must lock the doors and leave the keys in the key box.

You should keep the key in the key box during your holiday (the code is changeable so it is safe).

Arrival and departure times

The cottage is available from 16.00 and must be empty by 11.00.

Outside the season, weekend bookings arrive at 14.00 and leave at 14.00 or by arrangement.

If additional charges such as linen, pet fee, firewood for the stove or electric car charging have not been paid in advance, you can pay them conveniently by mobilepay, please indicate which accommodation and what the charge is for.

Riikka Matikainen, 0400 357149

If you want to pay either by bank transfer or cash, please contact us!

We wish you a happy and successful holiday in LaatuLomat!