LaatuLomat have been providing sustainbility accommodation for 25 years.We are located in the village of Kaskii in Juva, which is a nationally valuable village landscape and part of the Saimaa Geopark area.

Here are the things we consider important:

Customer satisfaction

We try to develop our activities in such a way that our customers are satisfied with their holidays. A good indicator for this is that we have many regular customers and usually those who come once, come again.

Renewable energy and energy efficiency

  • 10 of our rental properties are heated energy-efficiently with geothermal energy and in these properties hot water is also produced with geothermal energy.

  • Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.

  • More than half of our properties use self-generated solar electricity.We have solar panel systems with a total capacity of 30 kw.With sunny weather, we also have enough energy for sales.

  • We use new energy efficient appliances and LED lighting.

  • We buy our electricity from the local Lumme energy company, which also buys the excess electricity produced by solar energy from us.

Waste sorting

  • Each accommodation has its own bins for mixed waste and combustible waste.The bins are always emptied before new guests arrive. There are composting bins for bio-waste and separate bins for glass and metal. Customers are instructed on how to sort their waste.

Cleanliness, comfort, recycling

  • Every time there is a change of guests, the accommodation is cleaned by our staff inspector , we have a final cleaning service included in the rental price for all our properties.

  • If you have a pet with you, our staff will always do an even more thorough final cleaning.

  • In our accommodation, guests use linen or recycled cotton tablecloths, cotton kitchen towels and hand towels to reduce waste and the use of disposable paper.

Sustainable repair, construction and environmental management

  • Most of our sites are built from wood and we have chosen hard-wearing and easy-to-clean materials for the surfaces.

  • All accommodation undergoes an "annual maintenance" at least once a year.

  • The environment is constantly maintained (beaches, nearby woods, yards).Bushes and aquatic vegetation are mowed once a year, more often if necessary.

  • During the construction phase, most of the work is done by the owner and local labour is employed.

    Development of the accommodation business

  • We are working for the long term and want to develop as an accommodation company while learning new things all the time.

  • We are open to new ideas and development.

  • Customers are instructed to respect nature