Terms and conditions in brief

  • in the online shop, the order is paid by paytrail immediately

  • if your booking is more than one month away, you can request invoices by e-mail at laatulomat@gmail.com

  • the booking will take effect once the booking fee (25% of the total price) has been paid

  • the balance (75%) is payable at least 1 month before the start of the holiday

  • if the booking is made less than 28 days before the start of the booking period, the full amount will be paid in one instalment immediately after booking

    Full rental conditions

    These terms and conditions are binding on both parties immediately after the payment of the booking fee specified in these terms and conditions, or after the payment of both the booking fee and the final payment in one single payment.

    Booking and payment conditions

    An invoice or confirmation of order will be sent to the customer by e-mail, enclosing the name and address of the owner of the property to be rented, driving instructions and details of the handover of the keys.

    Any comments on the invoice must be made within seven (7) days of the invoice date.

    The invoice reference number must be used for payment!

    The booking is confirmed when the customer has paid the reservation fee (25%) of the villa rental price by the due date (seven (7) days from the invoice date) or has paid both the reservation fee and the final payment in one payment.

    If the booking is made later than 28 days before the start of the rental period, the full payment is due in one instalment and the invoice is payable within two (2) days of the invoice date. If the booking is 6 days or less before the start of the rental period, the full amount will be paid immediately on the same day.

    In the event of non-payment or non-payment by the due date, the reservation may be cancelled without notice.

    If the booking is made by telephone, payment must be made to the account indicated by the owner of the property on the same day.

    The payment reference must also include details of the service and the booking/reference number, if any, provided by the owner. Before using the service, the customer must show that payment has been made.

    Cancellation of the reservation

    Cancellation must always be made in writing (letter, e-mail) to the owner of the property to be rented. The cancellation is deemed to have taken place at the moment when the owner of the rental property is informed of the cancellation. If the customer proves that the cancellation has been made and sent to the correct address at the correct time, the cancellation will be accepted even if it is late or does not arrive at all.

    The cancellation will be subject to a cancellation fee. If the cancellation is made less than 28 days before the start of the rental period, the full rental price will be charged.

    If cancellation is due to an unexpected and serious incident involving the hirer or a family member, the hirer is entitled to a refund of the amount paid, excluding the booking fee. The cancellation must be notified immediately to the owner of the property and must be supported by reliable evidence, such as a medical certificate. If the cancellation is made less than 48 hours before the start of the booking period or during the booking period, the payment made by the customer will not be refunded.

    Right of the owner to cancel the reservation

    In case of force majeure, the owner of the property may cancel the reservation. The customer is then entitled to a full refund of the amount paid.

    Staying in LaatuLomien villas

    Keys will be handed over to the customer on the day of arrival, before arrival you will receive either by phone or e-mail the key box code to get the keys from the masterlock key box placed next to the door of the accommodation. (The owner is entitled to charge a deposit of 200 euro for the keys).

    The rental week starts at 16.00 and ends on Saturday at 11.00. The rental weekend starts at 14.00 and ends at 14.00, only in low season.

    The rent includes furniture, appliances, computer equipment, kitchen utensils, crockery and cutlery, and energy for heating, cooking and lighting. Mattresses, blankets and pillows are included in the rent.

    Cleaning of the apartment during the rental period is the responsibility of the tenant or can be arranged by the landlord.

    Final cleaning of all properties is included in the rental price, however it is subject to the premises being left in a state of normal occupancy. Dishes washed, fridge emptied, rubbish taken to outside bins and furniture put back in place. If, at the end of the booking period, the accommodation is not in a satisfactory state, the landlord is entitled to charge a cleaning fee of at least EUR 150.

    The maximum number of persons occupying the accommodation is the number of beds indicated in the brochure and/or on the website of the property.

    The use of a tent or caravan in LaatuLomys villas without the owner's permission is prohibited.

    Smoking indoors is prohibited. Pets must always be agreed in advance, a separate pet fee of EUR 120 per accommodation will be added to the rental price.

    Please note, however, that the pet owner is always responsible for any damage caused by the pet and the owner is obliged to clean up the pet's waste.In addition, pet owners must keep pets tied up if there are other people in the vicinity.

    Compensation for damage

    The customer is liable to compensate the owner for any damage caused to the property or its contents.

    Remarks and dispute resolution

    Any comments relating to the property must be addressed directly to the owner of the property as soon as they arise and at the time of booking.

    Any claim for compensation must be made in writing to the owner no later than 1 month after the end of the rental period.

    The parties shall endeavour to settle any disputes arising from the contract by mutual negotiation. If no agreement can be reached, the disputes will be settled by the district court of the owner's place of residence.