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Saimaa areapets welcomeprivate locationfor family

This family-friendly property is equipped with one bedroom and one sleeping area on the second floor.

There is also a comfortable living room with TV.The living room has two sofa beds.

On the ground floor there is a very well equipped kitchen-living room and a washroom with a sauna and 2 toilets.

On the third floor there is an open veranda from where you can admire the whole environment.

On the other side of the bridge there is a barbecue house with a barbecue and a comfortable loft.
This very well equipped villa is a favourite for both children and adults.

This villa in its own quiet milieu, the nearest neighbour is 1km!

Pets are also allowed,but then a pet fee of 120 euros will be added to the final price and it including finalcleaning.

Final cleaning

Final cleaning is € 90 for accommodation, if you have a pet with you, final cleaning is obligatory and costs € 120.

Please note, however, that even if the final cleaning is paid for, the accommodation must be left in a state of normal occupancy.

If you clean up yourself:

  • make the beds, air the bedrooms

  • vacuum and mop the floors

  • Dust the bedrooms, sweep the floors, clean the bedrooms, sweep the floors, dust the rooms.

  • clean the kitchen and clean the fridge, freezer, microwave and other small appliances

  • take the rubbish outside

  • move furniture and other items to their proper places

  • wash your own stains from windows and mirrors

  • clean the sauna, empty the sauna oven of ashes, clean the washroom and wash the toilet seats and sinks

  • clean the barbecue, outdoor furniture and boat

  • remember to take your own things and leave your holiday home belongings where they belong.

You can rent linen and towels 14 euro/person or yoyú can bring your own.

Come and fall in love!